Majestic lion wakes up with a disheveled mane and sends everyone into laughter


What everyone expects from the king of the jungle is to look as royalty, but even lions could a bad day at the office, and judging by this one’s mane, he must have had a pretty rough night. The hilarious scene was caught on camera by a wildlife photographer and people can’t stop smiling when looking at these snaps.

Tonga – one of the 77 lions that live at the Glen Garriff Conservation, a wildlife park in Harrismith, South Africa – is definitely the definition of majesty. Only this time, he’s far from being majestic. The massive male just wake and his once outstanding mane now looks like it needs a hairstylist.

Simon Needham

Wildlife photographer Simon Needham, was at the right place at the right time, and captured the disheveled lion on camera!

“I had to wait for Tonga to wake up from his nap but when he did he looked completely out of it so I had to capture that moment,” the photographer explained. “I had to laugh, he looked dazed and confused for a second before he shook himself off.”

Simon Needham

This isn’t the first time when the British photographer is taking great snaps of the Glen Garriff Conservation’s residents. Over a year ago, a series of his photos showing Moya, another gorgeous lion, went viral online. Through his work, Needham wants to raise awareness about the delicate situation of the wild African lions.

Simon Needham

“I shoot for many wildlife charities, this image was shot for GG Conservation in South Africa to help them promote themselves for fundraisers,” the photographer said. ” I’m really happy to be part of bringing well deserved attention to a very worthy cause at GG Conservation Glen Garriff where they have 77 lions in their care. People love to see lions but when it’s one that is in need of a serious haircut it certainly draws loving empathy and a giggle from people.”

Simon Needham

Glen Garriff Conservation is one of the few remaining places where they still “love, protect and preserve the magnificent lions.” You can help them on their mission, here!

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