Heartwarming footage shows horse fascinated by pregnant owner’s baby bump

Everyone knows that animals have a great attachment to children, but this gentle horse apparently takes it to a whole new level. Even though, his human sister is yet to be born, the way she bonds with her is absolutely adorable. The four-legged companion just got fascinated by her owner’s pregnancy.


Megan Vaughan from Colorado Springs will soon be a mother. Since she got pregnant, everyone was even more affectionate and careful with her, but lately, since her baby bump started to grow, a particular individual is showing an enormous interest in her pregnancy. Her horse, Angel, just cannot get enough of her bump.

So moved by the way Angel is already bonding with her sister, Megan decided to caught on camera the sweet moment her horse is gently touching her baby bump with her nose. She then shared the adorable clip online, and now everyone’s fascinated with Angel attachment to her soon to be born sister.


“Every time I’m with my horse, she has to do a belly check.” Megan captioned the heartwarming video. “She’s going to be a great big sister!” Watch the heart-melting scene here:

This isn’t the first an animal shows such an enthusiasm upon seeing a pregnant woman. Whether pets, farm animals or even wild beast, they apparently all show a very keen interest in a pregnant woman’s baby bump. From caring dogs, to curious tigers, they’re all sweethearts when comes to interacting with pregnant women!

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