Super relaxed chameleon strikes a pose as enjoying a sunbath in Indonesia

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A ridiculously photogenic chameleon has been recently caught on camera chilling out in its owners backyard and the snaps are nothing short of heartwarming. Watching the cold-blooded reptile as it enjoys the sun-shines will definitely male you jealous, especially if you’re at work when admiring it!

Even though it now seem to enjoy the most blissful life, it was not always like that for this Forest Chameleon. The reptile has been rescued a couple of years ago by its owner Yan Hidayat – a 43-year-old Indonesian photographer. The man has spotted the tiny creature struggling to find its way through a woodland, not far from his home in Padang, West Sumatra.

Yan Hidayat/Solent News

Now, the fortunate chameleon lives inside a house with his caring owner. However, he spends at least a couple of hours per day, enjoying the heat of sun, in the back garden. “I found him struggling in woodland close to my home,” Hidayat explained for The SUN. “He usually lives inside , but I take him outside to enjoy the sunshine. This day he spent a few hours relaxing in the sunshine.”


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Always with his camera headed towards it, Hidayat has recently spotted his special companion epically posing. Just like a human being, the chameleon was resting its head on its arm as it reclined.

“I was amazed that he struck this pose and I was able to capture it, which I found very cute and interesting,” the owner explained. “Now he’s back to full health, he’s never run away and looks for me when hungry and needing food.”


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