Dog keeps barking at pregnant mom – ends up saving her life


This incredible story shows how special creatures dogs are. A caring American Akita sensed that something is wrong with her human, even the doctors said otherwise. The loyal dog eventually saved her owner’s life!

Ricky and Alhanna Butler from Doncaster, England, adopted Keola when she was just a puppy. The young couple loved and cared for the sweet dog like she was their own baby. But little did they know, one day their beloved dog will return the favor tenfold.

Alhanna Burdis

When Alhanna find out she’s pregnant, everyone was so excited, including Keola who couldn’t stop hugging her human. However, as the pregnancy progressed the although tender dog, started to act weirdly. Alhanna ignored her at first, but then she also started to have little worries as she was feeling some sort of pain in her back. But she put everything behind after she visited the doctor. They assured the future mom to be that both her and her baby are fine. Yet, Keola kept trusting her feels!

Alhanna Burdis

“When the doctors sent me home and said there was nothing seriously wrong, she just sat staring at me so intently that it really scared me,” the woman told Mercury Press. “I posted a picture of her doing this on Facebook and make the joke about the film Hatchi where the dog also does this and suddenly my friends all started saying I should take it seriously.”

Alhanna Burdis

Since Keola won’t stop barking and acting very weird when she next to Alhanna, the couple started to seriously worry about, so they immediately rushed to the hospital once again. “No one really understood how ill I was – but Keola did. She would nudge me and cry and I could never figure out why she had suddenly started doing this,” Alhanna said.

Only when they got to the hospital, everyone understand just how serious the things were. If it wasn’t for Keola, the pregnant mother could have lost her life. She had a pretty bad kidney infection and she had to undergo surgery immediately.

Alhanna Burdis

“Because it was untreated for so long, it was one of the worst cases they had ever seen,” the woman shared her experience on Facebook. “On top of that I had an antibiotic resistant bug that had only ever affected one other person in the U.K….he doctors told me that if I had left it any longer I would have [gone] and more than likely my son also.”

Alhanna Burdis

Fortunately, Alhanna made a fully recovery and she was able to carry on her pregnancy, and the only one to credit for it is Keola. Alhanna eventually gave birth to a healthy son, named Lincoln. As expected the loving American Akita and her little human brother started to bond since day one. Now the couple has a second son named Huxley!

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