Woman Rescues Pit Bull and Hilariously Becomes ‘Third Wheel’

Thor, the affectionate Pit Bull, has a penchant for snuggling, though his past was far from idyllic. After his owner’s arrest, he endured more than a week of confinement in a house before being transferred to a shelter and placed on the brink of euthanasia. Fortunately, a compassionate woman came across his picture and persuaded her fiance, Rob, to rescue him. Upon their arrival at the shelter, Thor stood out as the sole dog resting quietly. A mere week later, they welcomed him into their home.

Presently, Rob cradles Thor around the house as one would a baby, and the Pit Bull vocalizes his desire for attention with whines if left unpetted. Interestingly, Thor has developed a stronger bond with Rob than with his new mother, yet she cherishes him as her own. In a heartwarming video, Thor’s mom affectionately describes him as the “biggest cuddle bug,” noting his tendency to express discontent with whining when someone occupies his spot on the couch or when he craves more pets.

Thor’s cropped ears hint at a troubled past, but within his new family, which includes three other dogs, he has found solace. Among them are Eden, a Catahoula/pit mix rescued from a dog fighting situation; Athena, a shepherd mix adopted from the humane society; and Freya, a Great Dane, who became a permanent member after they fostered her and rescued her from an abusive home. Thor seamlessly fits into this compassionate pack of rescues.

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