Dog Befriends Wild Crow and Lets Her Walk Him On Leash

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In a heartwarming tale that has resonated with animal enthusiasts, Caolaidhe Keelor, a bird of prey enthusiast and wildlife educator in Canada, formed an unexpected bond with a wild crow. This unique friendship extended to her Border Collie, Sam, and later, even a kitten.

While out walking with Sam, Keelor stumbled upon a fledgling crow on the ground. Initially aware that leaving the bird alone was the best course, as it was in the process of learning to fly and cared for by other crows, Keelor found herself compelled to intervene when night fell, and no other crows appeared to assist the young bird. Bringing the fledgling crow home, she fashioned a makeshift nest on her deck.

By the next morning, other crows located the young crow, and it rejoined them. However, as the crow matured, it lingered around Keelor’s home, designating the area as its territory. Expressing a desire to play with Sam, the crow began tapping on Keelor’s window in the mornings, eager to join the duo on their walks in the woods.

Keelor affectionately named the crow Darling, and over time, Darling formed a close bond with Sam. Sam, a special rescue dog, exhibited remarkable calmness, allowing Darling to pull on his tail and even ride on his back. The unlikely trio of Keelor, Sam, and Darling exemplifies the beauty of interspecies connections.

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