Man Save His Beloved Dog’s Life By Grabbing Coyote by Its Tail

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Clad in a bathrobe and slippers, Timothy Snipe demonstrated unwavering determination to rescue his cherished Chihuahua, Roxie, from the clutches of a hungry coyote. Despite his casual attire, the South Carolina resident found himself in a life-or-death situation when Roxie, in a fit of furious barking, bravely confronted the wild intruder in their yard.

In a split-second response, Snipe, realizing the imminent danger to Roxie, dashed towards the coyote, attempting to pry the small dog from its menacing grip. The coyote, in its desperate defense, inflicted multiple bites on Snipe before he managed to seize it by the tail. Undeterred, Snipe carried the coyote to a nearby trash bin, where he deposited the wild animal, ensuring Roxie’s safety.

This daring rescue, captured by security surveillance cameras, serves as a testament to Snipe’s quick thinking and fearless commitment to safeguarding his beloved Chihuahua from the predatory threat.

Following the intense encounter, Snipe promptly contacted local animal control, who arrived to safely remove the coyote from the vicinity. Despite the ordeal, Snipe’s dedication to Roxie’s well-being extended to his own health, as he underwent a series of nine rabies shots as a precautionary measure. In a proactive move to enhance Roxie’s protection, Snipe invested in a spiky harness, commonly known as a Coyote Vest.

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