Woman adopts dog who has been in shelter for 7 years — gets remarkable sign that it’s meant to be

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Every shelter dog yearns for the day they’ll discover their forever home, and for some, that day may take years to arrive. Finding the perfect new owner can be a time-consuming process.

During a visit to a shelter, one woman encountered a dog who had been patiently waiting for seven long years to find a home. However, it was a special sign that caught her attention, leading her to believe that this was meant to be.

Animal Resource Center, a nonprofit shelter located in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, recently shared an “incredibly heartwarming adoption” story, suggesting that you might want to have a tissue on hand as it could bring a tear to your eye.

Ella, a dog who had spent an extended seven years at the shelter, held the record as their longest-standing resident. She had been adopted and returned twice, leaving everyone wondering if Ella would ever find her forever home.

In the past month, the shelter received an email from a woman named Kaitlyn, expressing her interest in adopting Ella. This email was eagerly awaited, and the shelter promptly arranged a meeting between the two.

During their encounter, Kaitlyn shared with the shelter staff that her beloved dog, Jo, had passed away a few months earlier, and she was now prepared to open her heart to a new rescue pet.

Kaitlyn and Ella connected immediately. Remarkably, Ella, who had previously displayed “fear aggression” when meeting new people, exhibited no such behavior when she met Kaitlyn.

The shelter’s Facebook post described the heartwarming moment when Ella approached Kaitlyn without hesitation, allowing her to offer Ella gentle strokes and affection right away.

As if to emphasize the destined connection between Kaitlyn and Ella, Kaitlyn noticed something truly special. Ella was wearing a bandana around her neck that seemed oddly familiar.

In a poignant moment, she suddenly recognized that the bandana adorning Ella had once belonged to her dearly departed dog, Jo. With teary eyes, she revealed to the staff, “This bandana that Ella is wearing, it’s Jo’s. I donated them all here when he passed.”

Among the 20 dogs at the Animal Resource Center, it happened to be Jo’s bandana that found its way to Ella. This serendipitous event was perceived as a divine sign, indicating that this connection was truly meant to be. Kaitlyn described it as “Jo’s stamp of approval.”

Bid farewell to a shelter dog who had been a part of their lives for so many years was undoubtedly bittersweet for the staff. They will miss the way Ella would eagerly rise from her bed each morning to warmly greet them. Nevertheless, their hearts are filled with joy and satisfaction knowing that Ella has finally discovered a loving and caring home.

What a beautiful story — it’s definitely a sign from Jo that Ella and Kaitlyn were meant to be together ❤️🥹

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