Golden Retriever puppies found secretly holding paws during playtime

When Billie, a 4-month-old Golden Retriever, first visited a puppy playhouse, had no idea she will find such adorable friends. But apparently, dogs are just like humans when it comes to making lifetime friends.

Billie and her mom, Emily Buchenberger went to a dog play hour. There, pups between from 8-week-old to 18-week-old are brought to have fun and play together. But even, there were several different species of pups, the cute Billie somehow ended up hanging only with the other two Golden Retriever puppies in there. But it was the instantly way these three pups behaved that caught Emily’s eyes.


“The goldens have similar play styles, so it was kind of natural,” the woman explained for The Dodo. “There might as well not have been the other 15 puppies at puppy hour because the goldens were attached to each other like glue.”

Apparently, Billie and her two new friends, instantly created a secret club of their own. And since a secret club requires secret meeting, the cute little ‘goldens’ find the perfect way to stay out of sight.


“While the other puppies were running or jumping, they almost exclusively played with each other underneath the objects in secrecy,” Emily said. “We found them all calmly interlocking paws. They definitely were not expecting to be exposed and immediately dispersed. Soon after, they met back up underneath the bridge to secretly play.”

Take a peek at their special moment:

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