A magic moment of a playful dolphin jumping out of water to kiss dog


If you think you’ve already seen the sweetest video ever, then think again! Because this adorable footage is going to melt your heart!

While these two dogs were on a boat with their fur parents, enjoying the moment, a really unusual encounter takes places. One of the dogs and the most clever marine being re about to share a unique and so touching moment. Driven by curiosity, a lovely dolphin has spotted the furry creatures and decides to get closer. But, the marine mammal is not the only excited creature, as the dogs could not hide their enthusiasm when seeing the huge creature standing right in front of them.


What a better way to make a new friend, then a kiss? Yes, you read it well…the playful dolphin literarily jumps out of water and kisses one of the dogs. Then the bashful dolphin quickly gets back into the water. However, not for long, because he returns with an incredible act that leaves even the dogs gaping.


Thankfully, someone managed to capture the sweet scene on camera. The footage is part of the award-winning IMAX classic that depicts the life of the dolphins in their natural habitat. “Dolphins” is a movie by MacGillivray Freeman Films, founders of the One World, One Ocean Campaign. Watch the heart-melting moment here:

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