Two rare white ‘spirit moose’ spotted together in Canada

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While driving through the wooded areas of Northern Ontario, this woman had the experience of her lifetime. Jackie Burns Loyer was lucky enough to spot two white moose crossing the road.

Last month, Jackie was driving from Timmins to Chapleau, on Highway 101 when spotted the elusive creatures, an adult female and a cub. Later, it turned out that the rare duo was the same with the one filmed on October, last year.

The woman said the shy animals remained at the side of the highway for a few moments, before disappearing into the bush. However, there was enough time for Jackie to take some photo with the beautiful animals. “They’re so beautiful,” the woman told Global News. “They call them the spirit moose. They’re supposed to give you good luck.”

The photos showed there was the same white moose spotted a year ago, as the adult animal has a dark circle on its left haunch, the Global News reported. While it is unknown how many white moose might be living in the vast woods of Northern Ontario, the woman who spotted them said it’s been more than a decade since she last saw a white moose.

According to the Northern Ontario Travel, the white moose doesn’t have albinism as they don’t have red eyes and most of them don’t a completely white coat. However, “they are extremely unique and treasured. These highly protected animals are considered very spiritual,” the website reads. In Indigenous cultures a white moose brings good fortune.

Here’s the footage of the two rare moose, captured a year ago:

h/t: global news

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