Tiny lamb politely asks owner for cuddles and warms millions of hearts

Contrary to popular belief, cuddling is not just for puppies and kittens. Many animals, from a baby rhino seeking hugs from a photographer to a seal enjoying belly rubs from a diver, love to be petted. But nothing beats the adorableness of a lamb asking for cuddles from its owner.

YouTube/Lee Walters

A heartwarming video shows a tiny lamb approaching its owner for cuddles. The owner happily pets the lamb, but the lamb wants more, gently tapping its owner with its hind leg as if to say “Can we keep going?” The owner continues to pet the lamb, but the adorable creature seems to never get enough!

YouTube/Lee Walters

The short but adorable footage, watched by nearly 24 million people, instantly touches the hearts of viewers. One press of the play button and you’ll see why!

“Cute lamb needs attention,” the video caption reads. “Normally they run around and play. But This one stopped and wanted me to pet him for some time…So i did.”

Watch the adorable scene here!

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