Little foal thinks he’s big enough to work with dad in Budweiser’s most adorable video yet


As we get used to, Budweiser’s Clydesdales are nothing but adorable. However, this commercial with the famous horses as main characters is even more heart-melting. The reason? Well, a sweet tiny foal who wants to give an extra hand.


Even though he’s nearly one-year-old, the little one thinks he’s ready to help pull the Budweiser wagon with the rest of the Clydesdales. Nonetheless, at some point, the foal seems to have some doubts about his strength and his ability to do it, but he won’t give up trying (a lesson we should all learn).


After venturing off on his own, the tenacious little guy finds the wagon and slips into his harness. It’s much too big, but he doesn’t care and struggle to pull the big red cart. He’s clearly getting nowhere, but won’t give up.Luckily, his hard work draws the attention of the adult horses. When they see what’s happening, they give him a little nudge out the door. Finally, with some extra help, the tenacious foal manages to pull the wagon and his confidence reaches the sky.


In an adorable way, this add sends a very powerful message: you shouldn’t stop trying, no matter what. When everyone stops, just keep moving. The odd will eventually return into your favor and you’ll definitely reach your goal. Even old, this commercial is one of the best Budweiser managed to create! Take a look:

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