Tiny owl rescued from Rockefeller Center Christmas tree

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A tiny saw-whet owl was found in the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center in New York City. The scared and hungry bird was discovered among the huge branches by one of the workers that helped at the tree’s assembly. The man immediately rescued the owl and called to a rehabilitation center asking for help.


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“Yesterday morning, I received a phone call from someone who asked if we take in owls for rehabilitation,” staff at the rehabilitation center said. “She said her husband works for the company that transports and secures the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center …and he found an owl stuck in the tree.”

The 75ft Norway evergreen tree was brought from Oneonta, New York, a few days ago and in the coming weeks it will be decorated to be ready for public view in December!

The poor little bird was stuck among the tree’s branches for days, until it was found by the workers. Despite being dehydrated, the owl didn’t suffered any harms though. Now, it is recovering at the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center in Saugerties, New York and once it recovers it would be released back in the wild.

“I believe he did travel in the tree,” Ellen Kalish, director of the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center told USA TODAY. “I think when they wrapped it up, he must’ve gotten caught inside. The fact that he wasn’t squished or damaged was beautiful…We intend to release him this weekend!”

In a now viral post, the rehabilitation center wanted to thank everyone involved in saving Rockefeller, how the rescue owl was named. “Once he checks in with the vet and gets a clean bill of health, he’ll be released to continue on his wild and wonderful journey,” they wrote. Our hearts go out to all those “behind the scenes” workers. Great job and thanks for saving ‘Rockefeller’!”

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