Three dogs were almost euthanized when their owner was in coma — stranger steps up to take them all in

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When a woman ended up in a coma after a tragic accident involving a truck, her three beloved dogs faced an uncertain future as they were taken to a shelter.

In a heartening turn of events, a kind stranger stepped forward to offer these dogs a lifeline.

As reported by KENS 5, a San Antonio woman was hit by a truck while on her daily run, leaving her in a coma. The already distressing situation was compounded by the fact that her three dogs—Jeter, Pauly, and Snowy—had no one to look after them.

The trio found themselves at the City of San Antonio Animal Services, where staff noted they were “sweet but understandably scared and timid after being separated from their mom.”

Given the circumstances, the dogs required care until they could potentially reunite with their owner. Unfortunately, the shelter was operating at full capacity and couldn’t accommodate them in their kennels for an extended period. A plea for an urgent foster was issued to provide temporary care for these furry companions.

Upon hearing about the plight of the three dogs, Missy Brown felt a strong calling to assist. Even though she already had two dogs of her own, she expressed interest in taking in the trio, understanding that their situation was potentially a matter of life or death.

Brown explained to KENS 5, “If it’s an owner surrender, there’s no stray hold. They could actually be euthanized immediately.” She also emphasized her desire to “pay it forward” as someone had cared for her dogs when she spent 12 days in an ICU a few years ago. Reflecting on the unpredictable nature of life, she added, “Every dog owner is just one crisis away from needing someone to help care for their dogs. I’m just happy that I was in a position to help.”

Given the dogs’ evident nervousness and close bond with each other, it was clear they shouldn’t be separated. Missy gladly welcomed all three into her home, providing a loving and temporary haven until their owner’s recovery. Despite their initial apprehension, the dogs seemed relieved and content to be out of the shelter environment.

It’s a heartbreaking situation, but we’re glad these three beautiful dogs are in good hands in their new foster home while their owner recovers.

Thank you to Missy for taking these dogs in when they needed you! Please share this heartwarming news if you love dogs! ❤️🐾

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