Shelter “shocked and gutted” after taking in abused, neglected dog — now she’s in good hands

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Animal shelters do incredible work, offering animals a second chance at life, but some cases are tougher than others. Witnessing a dog that has endured severe neglect and abuse is always heart-wrenching.

Recently, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in North Carolina shared their experience with Peaches, a dog they took in, expressing their shock and heartbreak over her condition. On November 6, the shelter announced on Facebook, “Shocked and Gutted. This one is hard.”

Peaches, a 4-month-old pup, was rescued from a neglectful and abusive situation, as reported by FOX Carolina. The toll of mistreatment is evident in the heartbreaking photo: she suffers from infected skin, loss of fur, looks visibly miserable, and is grappling with various health issues. The shelter is committed to providing Peaches with the care she needs to overcome her past and ensure she has the best possible future.

“She has been neglected her entire life,” the shelter shared. “Four months of no love. No clean or soft blankets, no vet care, no regular food. Poor husbandry is to blame.”

While the heartbreaking situation left them shocked and saddened, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue remained dedicated to giving Peaches a second chance at life.

“Peaches, you are safe,” they assured. “We will do everything we can to save you.”

The shelter requested people to send “healing words of encouragement.” “We will read them all to her, while we cry with her,” they added. The responses flooded in, offering inspiring and heartfelt words of support.

“Praying for you, sweet Peaches. You are safe now and will be loved forever,” one commenter expressed.

“Peaches, stay strong!” another wrote. “Your best life has just started. Prayers to your caregivers and medical team for their healing hands and loving hearts!”

“You’re alive, and that speaks volumes for your spirit,” a compassionate message for Peaches read. “I’m sorry this was the start of your life, but I’m thankful you didn’t have to endure this your whole life. A family is out there. You will be loved.”

In an update, Brother Wolf shared that Peaches has a challenging journey ahead, facing various medical conditions such as mild hypothermia, a mild cough, Demodex mange, Coccidia, a staph infection, mild anemia, and an elevated white blood cell count.

While she has a lengthy recovery ahead, the crucial aspect is that she is now in caring and loving hands.

It’s truly heartbreaking that any dog would have to endure such suffering, but we’re grateful that Peaches is finally receiving the love and care she deserves. Stay strong, Peaches!

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