Homeowner finds “couch potato” coyote making himself at home on patio furniture

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Coyotes share a close genetic relationship with dogs. Despite their differences from our usual house pets, these wild animals often display some very dog-like behaviors.

A recent incident highlights this similarity when a homeowner discovered a coyote lounging on her patio furniture, seemingly unwilling to leave his newfound comfortable spot. Animal Care & Control San Francisco reported that the homeowner encountered the “beautiful coyote” peacefully sleeping on their outdoor patio furniture, and even when approached, the coyote was hesitant to move.

The homeowner, worried that the coyote might be unwell or injured, promptly contacted animal control, who quickly responded to the situation.

Officer Mullen approached the coyote and gently urged him to wake up, convincing the canine to finally abandon his snug nap. In a Twitter post, they shared that they “encouraged this sleepy coyote couch potato to move along and find a more coyote-appropriate (but less comfy) place to sleep.”

Sharing the experience on Facebook, the officer mentioned, “He looked at me, got up, took a big stretch, and made his way to the edge of the yard. He was moving appropriately and did not appear sick or injured.”

After being gently persuaded to move along, the coyote reportedly hopped over a wall and vanished into the surrounding brush. Officer Mullen suggested that the animal was likely a “young, healthy male that was probably recently kicked out of his den and was trying to make his way through the city,” highlighting that this is the season when male coyotes leave their birth dens in search of mates and to establish their own dens.

Officer Mullen emphasized that coyotes are typically not aggressive but may display assertive behaviors if they feel threatened or are protecting their young. He advised people to contact animal control if they encounter a coyote that raises concerns.

This coyote surely made itself quite comfortable! It almost resembles an everyday dog lounging on the patio furniture like that!

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