The Heartwarming Friendship Between Gus the Bulldog and Lucky the Chicken Is Pure Magic

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Gus, an English bulldog, and Lucky, a special needs chicken, share a heartwarming bond that melts hearts wherever they go. Both pets found their way to Chandler Coate, who introduced them without much preparation.

“I just brought them together, not knowing what to expect,” Chandler shared with DailyPaws.

Lucky was initially cautious, but once she sensed no threat from Gus, she grew fond of her canine companion.

“Chickens naturally seek company. She started following him everywhere,” Chandler explained.

Their unexpected bond grew stronger with each day. Now, they’re inseparable buddies, with eating and napping being their favorite shared activities. Lucky often mirrors Gus’s actions, such as begging for treats or even clucking in response to his barks.

“I feel like she’s trying to be a dog,” Chandler laughed.

After showcasing their unique bond on her personal Facebook, Chandler’s friends suggested a dedicated page for the two. Now, Gus and Lucky boast a following of over 1,000 fans on their very own page.

“Having them together has added so much joy to our lives,” Chandler expressed. “This happiness has spilled over to their online followers. Their combined magic and the sheer joy they radiate is something I hadn’t anticipated but am deeply thankful for.”

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