8 signs that your cat really loves you

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While some may accuse cats of lacking overt displays of affection, this assertion is far from accurate. In reality, cats possess an enigmatic nature, particularly when juxtaposed with dogs.


Certainly, it is often simpler to discern a dog’s emotions. However, cats also communicate their feelings, albeit in more subtle ways. To interpret these signs, one must combine their knowledge with close observation of their feline companion’s behaviors. While many are familiar with the significance of a cat’s purring, there are numerous other cues to be mindful of if you genuinely wish to deepen your understanding of your cat.


Here are nine indications that your cat harbors a profound affection for you.

1. They may exhibit love bites, although hopefully, these won’t be too forceful

Surprisingly, veterinarian Elizabeth Colleran asserts that “love bites” serve as a mode of communication initiated by your feline companion.

Typically, cats possess the innate inclination to deliver gentle nips, particularly when they find themselves overly enthusiastic or excessively stimulated. However, there exists another meaningful motive behind a cat’s inclination for such behavior—a more affectionate one.

According to Care, cats also resort to biting when they experience a deep, heartfelt sense of attachment.

2. You kitty follow you everywhere
Should your feline companion frequently trail behind you and twine around your legs, there’s a strong indication that it holds genuine affection for you. As per insights from Catster, this particular conduct signifies your cat’s keen interest in your company and a desire to remain in close proximity. Even cats not typically known for their overt displays of affection can convey their fondness by simply staying near you.

3. Purring
Purring stands out as one of the most renowned and unmistakable indicators of your cat’s affection.

While it’s true that cats may purr when they feel threatened or anxious, it’s far more prevalent for them to engage in this soothing behavior when they’re content and at ease. Therefore, if your feline companion frequently purrs while nestled next to you on the couch, you can confidently conclude that it holds you dear and is experiencing a profound sense of well-being!


4. Kneading
Another unmistakable indication of your cat’s deep affection and loyalty is a behavior known as “kneading.” My cat consistently engages in this charming gesture when it reclines on my stomach. This delightful action conveys a profound sense of contentment and security, reminiscent of the safety it felt in its mother’s presence during kittenhood.

5.Fluttering Blinks, AKA “Kitty Kisses”
In the wilderness, animals closing their eyes is regarded as the ultimate display of trust, contentment, and love. When your cat directs a friendly gaze your way and then gradually opens and closes its eyes, consider it a genuine feline kiss.


Your cat is expressing its love and unwavering trust in you above all else. In response, try reciprocating with a gentle blink. According to cat expert Susanne Hellman Holmström, your blink communicates to the cat, “I am kind.”



Many cat owners have experienced receiving rather… intriguing presents from their feline companions on occasion. While small birds and mice might not be the most appealing gifts, they actually convey a great deal about your cat. When your kitty captures creatures and proudly delivers them to you, it signifies a gesture of gratitude and affection.

7.Tail Language
Cats’ tails are highly expressive and can convey a wealth of information. A slightly bent, hanging tail signifies, “I feel secure.”

A raised tail indicates, “Hello, here I am!” The higher the tail is, the more intrigued the cat is by your presence.

If your cat wraps its tail around your legs, it’s an expression of trust and may also be a subtle request for a treat.

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8.Baring the Belly
Revealing its belly is the ultimate sign of trust for a cat, as the stomach houses a cat’s most vulnerable organs. Instinctively, this area is the most protected. Therefore, when your cat lounges on its back and exposes its belly to you, it’s unequivocally conveying love and trust.

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