Elderly, Blind Golden Retriever Returns Home After 3 Weeks Missing in Alaska Wilderness

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If you love watching Naked and Afraid, you’re aware of the challenges of the Alaskan wild. Yet, meet Lulu, an elderly blind golden retriever who braved it solo for three weeks.

Lulu, the cherished pet of the Kubacki family, disappeared on June 18. “Lulu is like family,” Ted Kubacki expressed to the Associated Press. “My five daughters, aged between 4 and 13, have grown up with her.”

Despite the family’s relentless search, Lulu remained missing. In a heart-wrenching twist, someone cruelly pranked the family, claiming to have found Lulu, only to say they were joking.

Hope emerged on July 5 when construction workers, mistaking Lulu for a bear, found her in a salmonberry bush near a road close to the Kubacki residence. Recognizing a dog in distress, they took action.

When Ted got the news, he recalled the overwhelming emotion, “The house was filled with screams of joy. But seeing Lulu’s condition after her ordeal was heart-wrenching. She’d lost a significant amount of weight and looked worn out.”

“She looked so weak, I expected a lively reunion, but she could hardly lift her head,” said Kubacki.

With medical care, rest, and food, Lulu began recovering. “It was heartwarming when she managed to lift her head and give me a gentle kiss,” Kubacki shared.

Concerns about the vet bills arose, but the supportive Sitka community came forward with generous donations.

“We’re just grateful to have her back,” Kubacki concluded.

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