Sweet Stray Dog Keeps Following Police Officers, So They Give Her a Job and a Home

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A “Little Brown Dog” captured the hearts of animal control officers when she followed their vehicle in the aftermath of a hurricane. This heartwarming tale took place on October 18, 2016, as Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Animal Care and Control’s Emergency Response team conducted care checks on animals left behind in evacuated areas of Tarboro, North Carolina, after Hurricane Matthew.

During their mission, the officers stopped to feed a few dogs gathered at a house. After ensuring the dogs were okay, fed, and cared for, they resumed their care checks. It was then that they noticed a little brown dog in the middle of the street. Without any ID, collar, or microchip, the officers assumed she belonged to the area and provided her with fresh water and food before continuing their rounds.

To their surprise, the small dog decided to follow them down the street, creating a special connection between the officers and their newfound furry companion.

The officers shared the heartwarming video, and it quickly went viral, capturing the affection of dog lovers nationwide. Officer Kish, the one who stepped out of the van in the video, shared, “She must have followed us for over three blocks; we had to stop and pick her up.” The connection formed during those crucial moments, documented and shared online, resonated with people far and wide, emphasizing the remarkable bond that can form between humans and their furry companions in unexpected circumstances.

As soon as she was in their van, she made herself at home.

And enjoyed a nap.

Despite their best efforts, however, no one ever came forward for Little Brown Dog, who was renamed “Charlotte” by Edgecombe Animal Control Shelter.

After several months at the shelter, the animal control officers who first rescued her, came back for her.

There was a job opening at the ACC, and they knew Charlotte would be the perfect dog to fill the role.

Charlotte, the “Little Brown Dog” who stole the hearts of animal control officers, has now become a valuable member of the Human Education Program at ACC, taking over from a 14-year-old dog who is retiring. Embraced wholeheartedly by her rescuers, Charlotte is viewed as the perfect mascot for their department. Her presence not only signifies a new chapter for the program but also serves as a symbol of resilience, compassion, and the meaningful connections that can arise from unexpected encounters. Charlotte’s journey from a hurricane aftermath to a beloved mascot is a testament to the positive impact animals can have on our lives.

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