Sweet Dog Holds Out Her Hurt Paw to Vet After He Earns Her Trust

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A heartwarming tale unfolded when a Labrador Retriever, nursing an injured dew claw, captured the sympathy and affection of all who witnessed her sweet response during a vet visit. The endearing moment was shared in a viral video posted by the veterinarian, Dr. Hamilton.

In the video, the Labrador finds herself in the examining room with Dr. Hamilton, who goes the extra mile to ensure her comfort by sitting on the floor. As the vet gently addresses the situation, the dog lifts her paw for inspection, but there’s a charming twist—it’s not the injured one. In a soothing tone, Dr. Hamilton informs his patient of the mix-up, and the dog eyes him cautiously, seemingly uninterested in revealing her hurt paw.

However, with a touch of gentle coaxing, Dr. Hamilton manages to win her trust. The dog eventually agrees and lifts her injured paw, allowing the compassionate vet to examine it, creating a heartwarming moment that melted hearts online.

Fortunately for the Lab, her dew claw escaped serious damage as it wasn’t broken or yanked out. Dr. Hamilton shared the video with a reassuring caption: “This patient wanted to cooperate. Her dew claw got caught on something and resulted in acute lameness that appears to be getting better. The patient was not licking at the nail, and the nail was not fractured. Some rest and non-steroidals, and we were on our way!” It’s a tale of relief and a testament to the positive outcome of the veterinarian’s careful assessment and approach to treatment.

Sharing is caring!