Shelter Dog Saved Just Hours Before He was to Be Put Down Melts Into Rescuer’s Arms

It took a bit of time for Ross the Pit Bull to grasp that he was finally in a safe space. When Jocelyn from Hearts United For Good Rescue (HUGCLT) rescued him from the animal shelter in North Carolina, she arrived just in the nick of time. If she had been two hours later, he might not have made it.

Upon returning to Jocelyn’s home, Ross was both smelly and frightened, requiring a joint shower session to ease his discomfort. That night, he remained highly agitated and couldn’t seem to settle down. Jocelyn understood that he wouldn’t find comfort until he felt secure. It turned into an “all-nighter” of frequent trips outside with Ross, assuring him that he was now out of the stressful shelter environment and had nothing to worry about. Then, just before sunrise, something extraordinary happened. As Jocelyn put it, “The most amazing thing happened. He finally just stopped moving and melted into my arms.”

Ross finally understood he was safe. Immediately after getting hugged, Ross came inside and went to sleep. It didn’t take Jocelyn long to find the perfect home for Ross. Bethany reached out to her to adopt him and from the second Ross and Bethany met, they each knew it was meant to be.

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