Watch striking footage of a snow leopard’s call into the wild

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This is one of the rarest moments a trail camera captured a snow leopard’s call. The striking video was taken in a remote mountain area in the north of Pakistan. The UK wildlife charity – The White Lion Foundation – is observing the leopard population in these mountains and recently one of their trail cameras captured the rare sight


Snow leopards are highly elusive creatures. Due to their shy nature, there are just a few footages of these majestic creatures into the wild. So when snow leopard’s call is caught on camera it is a blessing for every wildlife enthusiast.

They might be look cute and shine, yet their roar sounds just as ferocious as any other’s wild feline. In this rare footage, a young male displays his special skill.

The White Lion Foundation

“The adult male is exercising his vocal calls to establish territory and to let females know he is in the area,” said John Knight with The White Lion Foundation. “Recording on camera his call is extremely unusual and special!”

You can watch the rare moment here!

Snow leopard calling ( Footage copyright: BWCDO/Snow Leopard Conservancy) from The White Lion Foundation on Vimeo.

Native to the mountain regions of Central and South Asia, the adorable snow leopard is listed as a vulnerable species, according to the IUCN Red List. There are, reportedly 4,000 to 7,500 individuals left in the wild.  The White Lion Foundation with the help of  Baltistan Wildlife Conservation and Development Organisation in Pakistan are making great efforts to save these elusive cats.

h.t: vimeo

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