Snow leopards love nomming on their own fluffy tails

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They are just as majestic as any other big wild cat out there. However, apparently Mother Nature gave them some extra cuteness. Meet the snow leopard and its fluffy tail!

What makes the Snow leopards so adorable is not just their white coat with lovely pattern, but their tail as well. And you might think this ‘component’ is helping the leopards to balance. Well this is completely right, but some adorable snaps show these gorgeous felines use their tails to have fun, as well.

Some viral photos showing the snow leopards bitting at their own fluffy tails (and they seem to really love it) have made waves all over the social media.

So far, it unsure why the wild cats have this behavior. According to some wildlife experts, the snow leopards tend to wrap their tails around their neck to keep to protect them cold. However, this should happen when they’re in their natural habitat. But as the lovely snaps proves it, it happens when they’re in captivity as well.

Native to the mountain regions of Central and South Asia, the adorable snow leopard is listed as a vulnerable species, according to the IUCN Red List. There are, reportedly, less than 10,000 individuals left in the wild.

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