Epic moment a stag sneaks up behind a completely clueless wildlife photographer

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In a truly epical scene, a wildlife photographer has been taken completely by surprise while  focused on catching the perfect shot at a London park!

As he was directing all his attention forward, an unfortunate amateur photographer got surprised by a majestic stab that quietly sneaked just behind him. Needless to say the man was completely unaware of the situation, but thankfully another photographer spotted the incredible moment and caught on his camera the perfectly timing snap. The photo immediately went viral and it is no wonder why!

Roger Clark

This unfortunate guy went out in the Bushy Park London to grab some beautiful wildlife snaps, but he somehow ended up stealing the spotlight, and not by his will. The man desperately tried to catch the perfect shot of the deer that live in the park, but only to get reproached by a stag that he was looking the wrong direction.

Thankfully, the incredible scene was eventually caught on camera by another photographer – a more experienced one though – who surprised the exact moment the wild animal has crept behind his unlucky fellow photographer.

“We hadn’t covered the red deer breeding season this year and with rutting continuing we through we would try our luck,” the 75-year-old Roger Clark, who witnessed the breathtaking scene explained for Daily Mail. “We spotted a man with a camera mounted on a tripod intently focused on some deer activity in the ferns in front of him unaware of the large animal behind him.”

The unfortunate photographer eventually noticed something may be wrong, but it was too late. (Roger Clark)

“Given the angle, I was positioned, it looked like the stag was nuzzled up to pick a pocket from his jeans so I took a photo as it looked comical,” the senior photographer continued, “But it was quite bizarre that a wild animal would be so close without being noticed.”

Moments later, “the deer backed off and with those large beautiful shiny eyes seemed to look at the photographer and say ‘your model is right behind you! Am I not good enough for you?” Mr. Clark even felt pity for the poor guy. “He never did realize the opportunity he missed and the red deer and I collectively gave up and wandered off in different directions.”


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