Small Dog Miraculously Survives Devastating Flood That Destroyed Her House

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Over the last two weeks, Ermioni Giannakou from DAR Animal Rescue has been tirelessly traveling to local villages devastated by recent floods.

She recounted her visit to one particular village where every resident lost their homes and had to leave. In the frantic rush of rising waters, many couldn’t take their pets along. Ermioni has been visiting these abandoned places, bringing food and searching for any surviving animals amid the overwhelming smell of devastation.

On one of these trips, she stumbled upon a miracle – a small white dog, covered in mud, with feet laden with clay, in the yard of a destroyed home. It’s a mystery how the little dog made it through the ordeal, but her trauma was palpable.

Ermioni quickly scooped her up and took her straight to the vet for care and recuperation.

On a brighter note, Ermioni was able to locate the dog’s family. She found out that they’re currently living in temporary accommodations and aren’t in a position to take their pet back just yet. So, until the family settles into a new home, DAR Animal Rescue has generously stepped in to care for the dog. The team’s brave efforts in the face of disaster ensure that both this dog and kitten can look forward to happier days.

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