Kingdom of Bhutan becomes first country to 100% vaccinate and sterilize street dog population

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In a remarkable achievement, the Kingdom of Bhutan, once plagued by an abundance of stray dogs, has emerged as the first country to successfully vaccinate and sterilize 100% of its street dogs. This accomplishment was made possible through a collaborative effort with Humane Society International.

During the closing ceremony of the National Dog Population Management and Rabies Control Project, the Royal Government of Bhutan proudly announced the successful achievement of vaccinating and sterilizing 100% of the country’s street dogs. Prime Minister Tshering expressed gratitude to Humane Society International for their steadfast support throughout the decade-long program. Bhutan, with a population of 727,145, faced challenges with street dogs, and the collaboration with Humane Society International since 2009 has proven to be an effective and humane solution to address this issue.

In 2011, faced with the challenges of street dogs causing issues for tourists and locals, Bhutan initiated action to address the situation. Humane Society International (HSI) played a pivotal role by launching a comprehensive “Catch-Neuter-Vaccinate-Release” program. In the first four months alone, 2,800 dogs were sterilized, marking the beginning of a significant effort. Over the program’s span, 153,000 dogs in Bhutan received vaccinations and sterilization, with more than 31,000 pets microchipped. The gradual growth and success of the initiative, coupled with community support and government backing, led to the Royal Government of Bhutan taking over the program independently after 14 years of collaboration with HSI. Keren Nazareth, HSI/India’s senior director of companion animals and engagement, acknowledged the Royal Government of Bhutan as a dedicated partner in humane street dog management.

“This journey has been filled with continuous learning and adjustments, but right from the beginning, the government’s unwavering commitment has allowed us to consistently enhance the program. We extend our congratulations to the people of Bhutan for this remarkable success, which not only promotes a dog-friendly environment but also brings immense benefits to local communities.”

Numerous Asian countries grapple with the challenge of managing large street dog populations. With Bhutan achieving an almost complete vaccination and sterilization rate, Humane Society International aspires for this success to serve as a model for other nations.

Kudos to the Kingdom of Bhutan and Humane Society International for achieving full sterilization and vaccination of their street dog population! Addressing such a substantial number of stray dogs humanely is undoubtedly a significant accomplishment, made possible through dedicated efforts. Share this fantastic news if you’re a dog lover!

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