Shelter rescues cat, later realizes it has a special gift for comforting other sick animals

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Let’s not pretend like this isn’t true: pets are a huge responsibility. Taking care of a pet often means waking up half an hour earlier in the morning, spending your evening taking your dog for a walk when you might want to watch Netflix instead, and the list could go on forever.

But the benefits that come from owning a pet far surpass any drawbacks you could think off. Put simply, pets make us happy. They offer so much in return, and most pet owners reading this can’t imagine their lives without their furry friend playing a key role in it. What pet owners may sacrifice in terms of free time and money, they get back in better health and increased happiness.

Pets do a lot for us, but as it turns out, they can also do a lot for each other. Take the amazing cat in the images below as an example. Although she looks like a regular cat, Radamenes is anything but ordinary.
Apparently, this rescue cat possesses some extraordinary abilities. You see, this cat has a special power when it comes to comforting sick animals, and even helps them recover faster.

The cat was first brought to an animal shelter in Poland after being rescued off the streets. The cat was on the brink of death, but managed to make a miraculous recovery. Now she helps other animals who are in critical condition do the same. At the animal shelter, she has now become some sort of a nurse cat, helping injured animals thanks to her incredible gift.

Here are some images that speak volumes about the “work” the cat does at the animal shelter.

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