Shelter pit bull can’t stop hugging her new dad after getting adopted

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It is always heartwarming to see shelter animals getting adopted. It is also the case of Maggie, whose reaction upon meeting her new dad is melting hearts all over. Extremely happy, the adorable pittie simply can’t stop hugging and kissing the man who decided to offer her a forever home!

For Maggie life was nothing but tough, but all of these came to an end when she met Mark – her new owner. Mark McCraw and his wife Mary, have sadly lost their rescue puppy, Mischka, several months ago. It was an extremely difficult time for them, and they never thought they gonna love a dog as much as they did with Mischka, but then Maggie showed up!

Marry McCraw

“She melted my heart,” Mark told The Dodo. “We had lost our other dog several months ago prior to meeting Maggie, and this was just a meet and greet in my mind. I didn’t think I was ready for a new dog at the time, but here we are.”


Adorable video footage shared by the Pitties From Heaven – a South Carolina foster, the place where Maggie has been fostered after rescued from previous owners – show the moment the rescue dog is meeting her new dad for the very first time. Happier than ever, Maggie runs towards him, jumps into his arms and showers him with cuddles and kisses, just like they were reunited!


“It’s like they had known each other for years,” the foster wrote. “This is why we foster. This is the moment a neglected dog becomes part of a family.”

But Maggie wasn’t the only one overexcited about this meeting. Mark was also delighted to meet another dog that went straight to his heart!


“I bent down so she would not be intimidated, and within seconds she was in my lap and in my life,” the man shared with THE DODO. “It was love at first sight, it was an instant connection. We feel like she was meant to be with us.”

You can watch the adorable scene here:

@pittiesfromheaven This was Demi (now Maggie) meeting her new dad for the very first time. It’s like they had known each other for years ❤️😍 this is why we foster. This is the moment a neglected dog becomes part of a family #pitbullsoftiktok #rescuedogsoftiktok #fosterpuppiesoftiktok #adoptdontshop #loveatfirstsight ♬ It Had To Be You – Frank Sinatra

It is extremely hard – if not impossible – to explain how such a sweet dog can be neglected, and to end up in a shelter, or even worse (there are so many situations), on the street. But anyway, it is so nice to see a story like this has a very happy ending!

“She was one of the sweetest dogs we have ever fostered,” said Andra Mack, the woman that fostered Maggie before getting adopted. “The moment that Maggie met her new dad, my husband and I just looked at each other — because we knew. It was like a movie.”

(h.t: thedodo)

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