Dog surrendered by owner just for barking too much — rescue gives him a second chance

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It’s truly disheartening to see how some individuals abandon their dogs over seemingly insignificant reasons, such as minor health issues or simply because the dogs are deemed “too old.” Some owners, devoid of compassion, even consider having their pets euthanized.

Take the story of Marcus, for instance. His owner wanted to put him down simply because he barked too much. However, this sweet dog is now seeking a second chance.

Meet Marcus, a 2-year-old mix of patterdale terrier and lab, currently under the care of Lucie’s Animal Rescue, a nonprofit based in the UK. Marcus was surrendered by his owner after just five weeks, citing the reason that he “barks at other dogs and people.”

It was evident that the owner hadn’t invested any effort in understanding or addressing her dog’s behavior. In a shocking turn of events, she attempted to have him euthanized at the vet, citing that she “could not be bothered to put any time or training into him.”

Lucie’s Animal Rescue highlighted the importance of understanding dog behavior in a Facebook post, stating, “Barking is how dogs communicate and express their fears and excitement.” When questioned about the training she had undertaken with Marcus, the owner admitted to doing none.

Even when a behaviorist offered assistance, the owner declined, persisting in her decision to put him down just because he barked.

Expressing her frustration, Lucie Holmes, the founder of the rescue, stated, “It’s disgusting. I have not been able to sleep much because I am still so angry. Dogs bark. It’s what they do,” in an interview with BBC News.

Fortunately, Marcus was spared from euthanasia and found refuge in the rescue. His new caregivers describe him as a sweet and gentle dog, noting that he hasn’t barked since his arrival. The rescue assured Marcus, saying, “You are safe, Marcus, and loved. You will never be treated so badly again, and that I can promise.”

The rescue provided an update on Marcus, sharing that he has been actively socializing and forming connections with other dogs. Despite the challenges posed by his previous owner, Marcus now engages in playful and non-aggressive barking.

The rescue team expressed their belief that Marcus likely barked at other dogs as a means of wanting to say hello and communicate, as is typical behavior for dogs. They emphasized his nervous and anxious disposition but highlighted the importance of him experiencing the joy of making friends and, above all, being allowed to embrace his innate dog-like nature.

Marcus has been undergoing training, and according to the rescue, he responds well to commands and listens attentively. While it remains uncertain when or if he will be available for adoption, Marcus is reportedly settling in comfortably at the rescue, surrounded by care and support.

Lucie emphasized that Marcus’s story serves as a poignant reminder to dog owners about the enduring commitment and patience required in caring for pets.

In an interview with the BBC, she conveyed, “You have to do your research and give dogs time to settle. You wouldn’t take a toddler to nursery and expect him or her to be blissfully happy immediately.” Lucie’s words underscore the importance of understanding the responsibilities that come with pet ownership and the need for a patient and informed approach to ensure the well-being and happiness of the animals in our care.

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