Lonely shelter dog is desperate for love so she wants to hold hands with anyone passing by

Eden has always possessed a gentle spirit, evident from the way she greeted Good Samaritans with a subtle tail wag when she was a stray dog sleeping under a tree and they stopped by to offer her food.

Suzette Hall

Now, while waiting for a permanent home at an animal hospital, she can’t resist extending her paw through her cage to hold hands with anyone passing by. Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy dog rescue, rescued Eden when she found her living under a tree in Southern California, though the cause of her homelessness is unknown. Despite being fed by visitors, no one had come to rescue her, so Hall wasted no time in taking her home as soon as she learned of her plight. Eden’s spirits lifted the moment she spotted Hall.

“For weeks and weeks, she was under that tree,” Hall told The Dodo. “She wouldn’t leave, but she knew it was her time to stop living under the tree.”

Suzette Hall

Upon bringing Eden to the vet, Hall and her team gave a much-needed bath to the pup. It was when they discovered that she was severely underweight and suffering from a painful skin condition.

Over time, Eden’s personality began to emerge, and the veterinary team transferred her to a private kennel where she could rest and recover. Initially, Eden spent most of her time curled up in her bed. But one day, a hospital staff member passed by her kennel and noticed a solitary grey and white paw through the bars.

“She is sweetest dog you could ever meet,” the woman said. “She’s just a lover.”

Suzette Hall

Since that moment, Eden has been extending her paw to anyone who walks by her kennel, receiving many friendly handshakes during her stay at the veterinary hospital. However, despite her outgoing nature, the affectionate pup has yet to find her perfect match, as she struggles to feel comfortable around other dogs due to having to fend for herself on the streets for an extended period.

Suzette Hall

“She just wants to hold our hand,” Hall said. “She’ll hold your hand and then make the sweetest howl ever as if she’s saying, ‘I love you.’”

Though the search for a suitable family is taking longer than anticipated, Hall remains confident that Eden will capture the hearts of the right family. As the rescuer notes, it would be impossible not to fall in love with the charming dog. In the meantime, Eden will continue to spread joy and love one handshake at a time in the animal hospital. While some may interpret her behavior as seeking attention, Hall believes that Eden is communicating something else.

Suzette Hall

“She deserves it more than anybody[a home],” Hall said. “Everyone falls in love with her. She’s just a cuddler and a total sweetheart.”

(h.t: thedodo)

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