Camera catches man stopping traffic on busy road to save a kitten’s life

A compassionate and decent act by a Russian man was on full display when he halted on a busy road to rescue a helpless kitten, a behavior that we would hope all humans could embody.

Captured in a nerve-wracking CCTV footage, a small kitten was seen lying in the middle of a bustling road, barely escaping death on numerous occasions as several vehicles zoomed by without stopping to remove the kitten from harm’s way. Despite being run over by some cars and trucks, the kitten thankfully remained unscathed, wedged between the wheels rather than underneath them.


Although some cars swerved around the kitten, they still left it perilously close to being struck. As we watched the cars zoom by, our hearts were in our mouths the entire time!

Despite the fact that the drivers appear to have noticed the small cat on the road, not a single one of them makes any effort to stop and rescue it. However, after some time, a car eventually comes to a halt. A man emerges from the vehicle and performs a noble act that no one else has been courageous enough to undertake; he exits his car and approaches the kitten to save its life.


In the CCTV footage, the man is observed lifting the frightened kitten off the road and bringing it with him to his car. He returns to his vehicle with the kitten securely cradled against his chest, and drives away.


Denis Degtyarev, the man in question, has since been recognized as the individual who performed the heroic deed. In a statement to a Russian newspaper, he disclosed that the kitten was too young to feed independently. Moreover, he shared the delightful news that he, with the assistance of his local community, had succeeded in finding a fitting home for the kitten.

“The kitten turned out very small, not even able to eat,” the kindhearted man said. “I took him to the sports school where my children were, and with the help of good people, we found him a new home.”

Watch the moment here!

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