Rescue Doberman saves baby from snake attack

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Family adopts a Doberman but after 5 days they heard a scream

Several years ago, a Doberman Pinscher by the name of Khan was rescued from an animal shelter. Within just five days of his rescue, he became a hero when he saved his new owner’s baby girl from a deadly snake attack.

The incident occurred in Atherton, Australia, where seventeen-month-old Charlotte Svillcic was playing in her home’s garden. Initially, Khan’s behavior seemed slightly aggressive towards Charlotte as he attempted to push her away from where she played. However, he had actually spotted a King Brown snake, which happens to be the world’s third most venomous snake, and was trying to nudge her to safety. When the snake was about to strike the baby girl, Khan did something truly heroic.

Charlotte Svillcic

Catherine, Charlotte’s mother, narrated the story saying, “if I had not seen it with my own eyes I would never have believed it.” She continued, “Khan was really concentrating, he kept trying to nudge her but it wasn’t working, so he grabbed her by the back of the nappy and threw her over his shoulder more than a metre.”

Despite taking a venomous bite to his paw, Khan’s heroic actions ensured that baby Charlotte was safe.

Charlotte Svillcic

“Charlotte looked pretty shocked and Khan screamed, like he’d been stabbed,” said Catherine. “I realised quickly it was a snake and Khan had been trying to get in between her and the snake before he threw her.”

The family was immensely grateful to Khan for saving Charlotte’s life, and they felt indebted to him. Catherine stated that Khan would never lack anything, as they would do anything for him after what he did for their daughter.

“If Khan desires a gold bowl, he shall have it. We owe him a debt for life,” she declared.

It was unexpected that a dog who had only been with the family for four days would make such a significant sacrifice for them!

Charlotte Svillcic

Following the bite, Khan rushed indoors and collapsed. He received an anti-venom injection from a veterinarian and endured a painful night, but ultimately survived and was able to eat a hearty breakfast the following day.

Catherine expressed that the family was deeply touched by Khan’s selfless and protective actions. She also explained how this heroic dog ended up being rescued and eventually adopted by her family!

Charlotte Svillcic

“He had suffered from hunger, broken ribs, and physical assault,” Catherine said. According to her, Khan had been in such a dreadful state that putting him down was considered. However, he was now living a life of luxury, in stark contrast to the abuse he had previously endured.

A snake specialist from Atherton speculated to the media that Khan survived the snake bite because the venom did not enter his paw in a significant amount. If the venom had penetrated the skin of the little girl named Charlotte, the outcome would have been far more tragic.

Despite being unwanted just a week prior, Khan had become a beloved member of the family, earning the nickname “Khan the Wonder Dog.” His owners were certain that he had risked his life to save their daughter’s and were forever grateful.

More about this incredible story in the video below!

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