Rare golden snub nosed monkey eating berries goes viral

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An adorable footage of a golden snub nosed monkey has recently taken the internet by surprise. The cute-looking creatures are among the rarest animals on Earth, so naturally an encounter with them is definitely a sight to behold.

Days ago, a short video of a golden snub nosed monkey adorably eating berries enjoyed a huge popularity on social media, and it’s quite easy to understand why. Initially, the video sparked debates among the netizens of why a human interacts with these elusive creatures. However, it later turned out this endangered species, like other rare animals as the giant pandas of the crested ibis, actually live in a deep harmony with the residents of the Maoping, a remote village in China.

Watch the viral video here:

Once the footage went viral, others at least so adorable footages surfaced and we can’t get enough of them. Apparently, there’s nothing cuter than a golden snub nosed monkey eating fruits.

Take a peek:

The golden snub nosed monkey or the Sichuan golden hair monkey(the Chinese name) live in a remote area in the Southwestern China. Their habitat is found at 4,900–11,200 ft above sea level, deep in the mountainous forests. That means these beautiful monkeys have to face some extremely tough condition to thrive. But they seem perfectly adapted to it! With 8,000 to 15,000 individuals, the species is listed as threatened, mostly due to habitat loss.

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