Incredible footage shows clever raven repeating words from her owner

As you all know, parrots have quite a reputation when it comes to their communicating skills. Yet, it turns out the multicolored birdies aren’t the only bird species able to talk. A very cute footage shows a raven repeating words from a human and it is completely mind-blowing.

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As various studies revealed so far, ravens are among the most intelligent animals on the planet. However, this is the first time a raven say words. The clever bird named Mischief had worked a little with this talented bird trainer and results shows the hard work always pays off. The raven can now say words as ‘Hello’ and ‘Hi,’ but that’s not all as she also learned how to cough just like a human being.

“Ravens are excellent at mimicking sounds they hear,” the woman said. And then in an unbelievable representation, she looks into the bird’s eyes to get its attention and say:

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“Mischief can you say hello?,” and the answer comes straight away. “Hello,” the raven can be heard. Of course every move needs to be rewarded with a very delicious treat. “He does all sorts of voices, can you say hi?” the trainer says, while the intelligent bird answers with a “Hi.”

Watch the incredible moment here:

Over the time, scientists and bird enthusiasts, called ravens as the most intelligent bird species. They had been included on a very selective list of “logical animals,” alongside dolphins and chimpanzees. Ravens are able to mimic a vas variety of sounds including other birds and animals’ calls, or even a car engine.

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