Puppy found in graveyard has the best reaction when reunited with his rescuers

When the employees at a cemetery in Missouri spotted a shadow gliding through the graveyard one evening, fear didn’t consume them. Lately, they had been witnessing a surge in visitors, many of whom gracefully roamed around on all fours.

Upon closer inspection the following day, their suspicions were confirmed. The visitor turned out to be a tiny, stray puppy. The pup was devoid of most of its fur, and its paws were too tender to bear weight. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, they promptly reached out to their allies at Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL). Donna Lochmann, the Chief Life Saving Officer at SRSL, shared with The Dodo that the cemetery often becomes a refuge for numerous stray puppies.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis

“Sometimes, they manage to slip beneath the fence and discover solace in the tranquility,” Lochmann explained. “With the vast expanse of the cemetery, they have ample space to seek respite from human encounters.”

Nevertheless, recognizing the importance of providing every stray dog with proper care and shelter, Lochmann and the cemetery staff promptly devised a rescue plan. They dispersed throughout the graveyard, diligently scouring the grounds in search of the puppy. After an extended search, a member of the team detected a faint sound emanating from a shrub and discovered the puppy nestled beneath it.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Without hesitation, Lochmann gently lifted the puppy into her arms and swiftly transported him to a veterinarian. There, he received treatment for his skin condition and the injuries on his feet. In a display of affection, they affectionately christened him Kamper, paying homage to one of the tombstones in the very graveyard where he was discovered.

After Kamper’s health began to improve, the compassionate caregivers at SRSL made a heartfelt decision to reunite him with his rescuers at the cemetery.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis

“The reunion was an incredibly emotional moment, especially for Kamper and the volunteer who initially reached out to us,” Lochmann shared, reflecting on the touching occasion. As soon as Kamper laid eyes on the familiar faces of the cemetery staff, his face lit up with sheer joy. Bursting with enthusiasm, he darted towards each person, showering them with enormous kisses as a token of his profound gratitude. The cemetery staff reciprocated the excitement, equally thrilled to see him again. Amidst tears of joy and countless expressions of affection, Kamper bid farewell to his cherished friends at the cemetery. He returned to SRSL briefly, but his stay there was short-lived.

Fortunate for Kamper, the shelter swiftly managed to secure a nurturing foster home for him. Alongside his prescribed medicated baths and snug pajamas shielding his recovering skin, Kamper relishes in the company of his newfound canine siblings as he awaits his forever family.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis

“It’s truly heartwarming to witness his playful nature and genuine happiness, realizing that he no longer endures the fear and sickness of struggling to survive on the streets,” Lochmann expressed. “Now, he can simply revel in the joys of being an adored puppy.”

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