Puppy Cruelly Abandoned with Zip Tie Around Her Throat Saved By Truck Driver

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While driving along Interstate 10 in Benson, Arizona, just before Halloween, a compassionate trucker spotted a distressed puppy near an exit ramp. The poor thing had been heartlessly abandoned with a zip tie tightly secured around her throat. Without hesitation, the trucker pulled over, removed the zip tie, provided the pup with water, and ensured her safety until a trooper could arrive, as recounted by the Arizona Department of Public Safety on Facebook.

Trooper Iliana Magallanes swiftly responded to the scene, discovering the puppy with a swollen neck and bloodshot eyes. Remarkably, despite her ordeal, the pup remained friendly and happy. Trooper Magallanes arranged for the puppy to be taken to the Benson Animal Shelter, ensuring her comfort with a blanket and plenty of attention during the transport.

They also mentioned, “Following a thorough checkup and treatment for a few health issues, the Benson Animal Shelter happily reports that the puppy is thriving and is currently in a foster home awaiting adoption.”

Named Brandy by the shelter, she entered foster care under the watchful eye of Paws and Claws, the manager of the Benson Animal Shelter. There, she not only recovered from the traumatic experience of the zip tie strangulation but also received care for burns and parasites. Just a day later, there was heartening news to share. They expressed, “She’s doing unbelievably well! Once she’s spayed and fully recovers from her unfortunate ordeal, she has a loving home waiting for her.”

Merely four days after being saved, Brandy has settled into her new home, and the shelter happily revealed that she’s “living her best life,” complete with adorable photos. Despite the torture she endured, the resilient pup is thriving with no lasting effects, prompting the shelter to declare her a “survivor of animal cruelty.”

That she is! And it sure looks like Brandy is quickly adjusting to her new soft bed and loving home!

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