Bald Bulldog Rescued from Shelter Gets Happier By The Day

When MJ came across a video featuring Molly, a bulldog in a pitiful state due to severe mange, she immediately exclaimed, “The pink one. That’s the one I want.” Molly’s skin was so badly affected that it was raw, and she struggled to walk. Despite her rough appearance, MJ sensed that this dog needed her.

Road Dogs & Rescue stepped in to pull Molly from the shelter. When MJ picked her up, Molly still carried the stench of infection and was cautious around people. However, MJ could see the dog’s yearning for kindness. To MJ and her partner, Michael’s surprise, Molly was just around 18 months old. As Molly’s skin improved and she received more love, she transformed into a happy, confident pup.

As a therapist, MJ recognized Molly’s sweet and gentle nature as a potential asset for her patients. Molly’s “official” title is now “Miss Molly the Healing Bulldog.” MJ highlights Molly’s resilience and kindness as a lesson for everyone, stating, “If only we could be more like Miss Molly.”

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