Poor cat rescued after getting trapped in car engine

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On certain occasions, animals find themselves in precarious circumstances, necessitating the intervention of compassionate humans to extricate them from their plight. This was precisely the situation for a hapless feline that became trapped in an unforeseen location. Despite the daunting challenge, a group of rescuers persevered to free the cat, affording her a new lease on life.

An emergency call was placed to the Arizona Humane Society in 2020 regarding a Maine Coon that had become trapped within the engine of a car in Phoenix. The feline was in severe distress and emitting fearful cries.

YouTube/Arizona Humane Society

The animal rescue team quickly realized that this would not be a routine operation. The situation was further complicated by the cat’s abdominal tissue being wedged between two metallic plates. After attempting to calm the distressed feline and assure her that assistance was forthcoming, Ruthie summoned reinforcements. One of her colleagues skillfully performed a surgical procedure on-site to liberate the cat.

“I have never had a rescue more complicated, I’ve never had one more intense,” said Ruthie Jesus from the Arizona Humane Society . “I have never had a moment of fear and panic quite that strong.”

“I think after the rescue was complete and I knew the kitty was going to be safe, her life was safe, I found myself very emotional,” the woman said.

Although the feline had been freed from the engine, her troubles were not yet over. X-rays exposed that she had swallowed a fuel injection plug and some wires from the automobile. Veterinarians undertook three surgeries to extract the car parts from her stomach. It was an arduous and protracted experience for the unfortunate creature, but she ultimately recuperated – much to the delight of her rescuers.

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