Omaha police officer uses farm experience to help cow give birth

Our brave officers took an oath to help and protect everyone in need, and as it turned out so many times, that doesn’t mean only human beings, but all beings. So when a pregnant cow went into labor and there was no one around to help her, this officer in Nebraska stepped up and saved the day!

Facebook/Omaha Police Department

A semi driver had quite an experience, after one of the cows he was transporting went into labor during the trip. The man had no idea how to react, so he called the authorities. Officer Jackie Sheets with the Omaha Police Department was dispatched at the scene, and fortunately she helped the cow mother to deliver her baby.

Facebook/Omaha Police Department

Though, assisting animals to give birth, isn’t exactly what officers usually do, officer Sheets did a great job and thanks to her, the calf is fine and healthy. But that because, the officer grew up at a small farm, so that experience helped her to perfectly carry out the task.

The Omaha Police Department took Facebook to tell the world about officer’s Sheets unusual mission!

“Officer Jackie Sheets was called to assist a semi driver who was transporting cattle to Iowa last night,” the department wrote on Facebook. “While on call, one of the cows went into labor and officer Sheets’ childhood experience on a farm kicked in. She was able to help safely deliver the calf.”

h.t: facebook

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