Yellowstone tourists come face-to-face with the park’s rarest animal

A group of wildlife enthusiasts experienced a once in a lifetime encounter while visiting Yellowstone Park, as they come across one of the park’s most elusive residents – a wolverine. Both the tourists and their tour guide were left speechless upon the extremely rare sighting. Luckily, the moment was caught on video!

Facebook/Yellowstone Insight

“We turned around to make our way back, when I saw what I thought was a black bear running down the road,” said Carl Kemp, one of the tourists. “As soon as it turned, we realized we were in the middle of a once in a lifetime experience!”

Facebook/Yellowstone Insight

Last Saturday, a group of tourists were on their way through the wildlife park, when the wolverine crossed the road right in front of them. It even stopped for a few moments and looked at them from a safe distance. The incredible encounter only last a couple of minutes, but it was long enough to fascinate the group, including a 9-year-old girl who was with her father.

Facebook/Yellowstone Insight

“For the rest of the tour, the 9-year-old daughter couldn’t stop saying, every 15 minutes or so, ‘Wow… we saw a wolverine today!’” MacNeil Lyons, owner of the tour operator told For The Win Outdoors. “She told me it was the most amazing day ever in her life.”

Lyons even took Facebook to tell people about the unique experience!

The odds to spot a wolverine in the Yellowstone are extremely slim, let alone to cross your path, so these tourists should consider themselves very lucky. There are only seven (documented) wolverines that live in the park!

Watch the rare encounter in the video below!

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