Owner caught on camera pulling surfing dog through flooded streets

For the vast majority, flooded streets means nothing but headache, but for this playful dog named Bo it is so much fun!

After a heavy storm, the streets of Fort Lauderdale in Florida were looking like some mountain rivers, and while the residents were in inside their homes, Peter Rosen thought it would be an awesome opportunity to take his dog out for some surf classes. The man quickly realized Bo is a great student.

Peter Rosen

“It wasn’t his first on a board,” owner Peter Rosen told Majestic Animals. “So as soon as I pulled it [the board] out, he immediately recalled it and jumped on.”

As it turned out, the tiny waves on the flooded street were much better than the ocean’s waves, so the skilful Bo was more confident, also. Therefore, after a few minutes of pulling his dog by his hands, Peter thought they really need to go to the next level, so he added an electric bike to the menu.

Peter Rosen

Thankfully, the Peter-Bo pair having so much fun, didn’t go unnoticed. One of their neighbors spotted them and decided to capture them on video. The result sent everyone into laughter. It was Rachel Frank the one that initially saw these two enjoying the unusual routine, so she grabbed her phone and filmed the funny moment.

Peter Rosen

I took my dog for a walk and I noticed them,” the woman told THE DODO. “I couldn’t stop laughing and filming. My puppy was with me and just wanted to jump in and play too.”

You can watch the lovely scene here:

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