Golden retriever crawls under his mechanic dad’s car to give him the biggest hug

Lovely video footage shows the moment a man gets the sweetest cuddle from his beloved dog. The man was underneath his car, trying to fix something, when his furry friend – a Golden Retriever – crawls down to show him how much she loves him. After all, a big hug is always welcomed, regardless the circumstances!


In a heart-melting scene, the affectionate Golden Retriever, insists for some cuddles, even though her owner looks a little busy. The man was installing drawers underneath the car, but his dog really wants his attention, and she didn’t wait too long to get it. The adorable scene unfolded in Australia, and the it was captured on video.


The man – who’s focused to install some drawers – doesn’t seem bothered at all by the lovely interruption. The moment he realizes what the dog’s intentions are, he put down his tools are return the favour. The sweet puppy looks so happy that she gets what she wants, and after she gently licking her owner’s ear, she just collapses on his chest and puts her head onto his face.


Sometimes, it takes videos like this one to realize how much love dogs can offer to their human friends. While all dogs are gentle and friendly, Golden Retrievers are thought to be among the friendliest and loving family dogs.

You can watch the adorable moment here:

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