Olympic gold medalist goes viral for knitting dog sweaters in the stands

As winning a gold medal for his country wasn’t great enough already, this British athlete is now hailed as a hero for another beautiful gesture while in the stands at 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

After a glorious performance in syncronized diving that brought him the so craved gold medal, Tom Daley won, once again, the cheers from all over the world, after he was caught on camera knitting in the stands. However, the snaps of him caught with his new hobby went absolutely viral after he revealed on what he was working on. It turned out the man was making clothes for dogs.

Daley explained that crocheting is a new hobby for him as he started to practice it less than a year ago. But even so, he proves to be as good at knitting just as he’s at diving. Needless to say it is for a noble cause. “Learning to knit and crochet has helped me so much through these Olympics,” the golden athlete said.


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Later, he even revealed for who he’s been knitting those lovely things. “I made my friends some doggy jumpers!” he wrote on Instagram. “I was making another one at the pool yesterday lol.” It turned out he’s working for a pretty famous client, whose standards are nothing but high – Izzy the Frenchie!


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