Obese, 28.5-pound shelter cat named “One Frosty Too Many” goes viral, finds home to help him lose weight

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In the ongoing pursuit of New Year’s resolutions, weight loss emerges as a common goal not limited to humans. Capturing the attention of the internet recently is a portly feline named One Frosty Too Many, affectionately known as Frosty, who is now seeking a new home as part of his journey towards shedding excess pounds.

Shared by Richmond Animal Care and Control on Monday, Frosty’s story highlights his impressive girth, tipping the scales at a staggering 28.5 pounds—triple the typical weight for a cat of his size. The rescue humorously described him as having the “best belly in town” and noted that his considerable weight comes with a touch of crankiness. As Frosty embarks on his weight loss journey, the hope is to find him a loving home where he can achieve a healthier lifestyle.

The origins of Frosty’s considerable weight remain unclear, as Richmond Animal Care and Control took him in as a stray discovered wandering the streets of Virginia. The shelter staff was struck by his substantial size, weighing in at 28.5 pounds, prompting them to take action.

Describing Frosty’s demeanor, RACC Outreach Coordinator Robin Young shared insights, stating that as long as Frosty is allowed to navigate life on his terms, he maintains contentment. Despite his size, Frosty has a bit of an attitude, and the shelter acknowledges that his excess weight may contribute to discomfort.

Recognizing the importance of a supportive environment for his weight loss journey, the shelter sought a home that could provide Frosty with ample space to move around and exercise. They emphasized that he has a significant double-digit weight loss journey ahead.

Frosty’s story resonated widely, gaining viral attention, with many expressing adoration for the “chonky” cat and wishing him success in finding a home while shedding pounds. The positive response led to numerous adoption inquiries.

In a heartening update, the shelter announced that Frosty has found his forever home, sharing a photo of the rotund yet endearing feline with his new owner. With the support of his new family, Frosty is expected to embark on a transformative journey toward improved health and a brighter future.

The narrative of Frosty, the hefty cat seeking a new home for a weight loss journey, unfolds against the backdrop of a similar tale involving another obese feline from RACC just a few months prior. In April, the shelter introduced Patches, described as “the largest cat anyone has ever seen,” tipping the scales at an impressive 40.3 pounds.

Following the viral post, Patches found a loving adoptive home, and his new owner has been actively chronicling his weight loss journey on a dedicated Facebook page. The parallel stories of Frosty and Patches underscore the compassionate efforts of the shelter and the transformative impact that caring homes can have on the lives of these larger-than-life feline companions.

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