Husky Breaks Out of Pet Shelter and Throws Himself Late Night Party

A Husky with remarkable escape skills decided to add some excitement to life at a pet shelter in Tempe, Arizona. The canine Houdini, named King, showcased his talents on surveillance video at the Lost Our Home Pet Rescue facility. King not only managed to break out of his kennel but also navigated through several doors, eventually reaching the reception area where he orchestrated a lively celebration for himself.

Initially attempting to liberate other dogs, King shifted his focus to the lobby after facing some resistance. In the reception area, he indulged in some playful chaos, leaving behind a delightful mess. The escapade triggered the intruder alarm, prompting the arrival of the Tempe Police Department.

However, what happened next elevated the experience, earning the responding police officer acclaim as “one of the coolest police officers ever,” according to the shelter. The unique and amusing incident with King the Husky left a positive and memorable mark on both the shelter staff and the police officer involved.

The Tempe Police Department found itself responding to what can be dubbed as the “cutest arrest ever” at the Lost Our Home Pet Rescue in Tempe, Arizona. King, the skillful Husky escape artist, had triggered the intruder alarm with his lively antics. The police officer on the scene not only handled the situation with a sense of humor but also went above and beyond, assisting in cleaning up the mess created by the mischievous dog.

In a heartwarming turn of events, King, the escape artist, managed to make his way out of the shelter again, but this time it was due to a happy reason—he has found a loving home through adoption.

The shelter highlighted its special partnership with the Tempe Police Department, which allows officers 24/7 access to drop off lost and homeless animals in a safe environment. Additionally, the non-profit pet rescue specializes in a unique temporary care program for families in crisis, providing a secure place for their pets while they navigate challenging times.

For those interested in supporting such programs, the shelter encourages visiting their website to explore opportunities to contribute and make a positive impact on the lives of animals and families in need.

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