Mother lioness teaches her tiny cubs how to cross a stream in Mala Mala

Adorable footage shows four tiny lion cubs bravely following their mother across a river in South Africa’s reserve Mala Mala. The moment was caught on video by Cameron Inggs, who works as a park ranger. The man spotted the large family as they enjoying an afternoon walking, but things got pretty excited when they came across a small river.


With the lioness crossing the stream, the cubs left no option but to follow their mother. Yet, they didn’t look too confident though. But within moments, one of the cubs – the bravest one – finds its courage and moves forward. Even though the water seems a bit too deep for the cute little thing, it makes it through.

The second, then the third brother also leap into the water without thinking twice. They just try to imitate their bolder brother’s moves and within seconds they found themselves on the other side of the stream alongside their mother.


The fourth cub looks much more hesitant than its siblings, but in the end it realizes there’s only one choice if is to stick with his family (well, I have no doubts its mom would have returned for him if necessary). Gladly, the four tiny lions learned their lesson.

Unlikely other big wild cats, lions are extremely reluctant when comes to crossing water. They only go into the water if they have too. Otherwise they prefer to stay on dry land.

You can watch the adorable moment here!

(h.t: mailonline)

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