Watch dog checking up on newborn triplets to make sure they are safe

As you already know, dogs and tiny babies are making great friends. Whenever a newborn is welcomed to the family, our fur-legged companions took advantage of the situation to show how gentle and protective they are. But do they manage to deal with a pair of twins or even triplets?! Well, as this adorable Golden-doodle shows it, things are just as easy, yet far more heartwarming!


When Lauren Barnes learned she’ll have triplets, she was more excited than ever. However, she and her husband had no idea how their dog’s reaction would be. But, Sunny – a sweet Golden-doodle – surprised them both with his ‘maternal instincts.’ Since the moment he met his little human brothers, he turned into an overprotective nanny.


Though three new born babies sounds a bit too much to deal with, for anyone, for Sunny nothing’s been easier. He spends his days looking after his brothers, making sure they’re all safe, and of course joining them whenever they are taking naps – which is, by the way, several times a day!

Since Sunny has been so attached of the babies, the new mom thought it would be nice to capture their sweet interaction on camera. So she grabbed her cellphone and recorded the moment Sunny is been checking up on his babies to make sure everything is all right. But little did the mother know, the adorable video will go straight to the netizens’ heart.


The lovely footage went absolutely viral online, with everyone falling in love with Sunny’s routine. It’s so heartwarming to watch dogs and children, spending time together, from such an early age.

“The only thing cuter than the family pup kissing the baby…is when there are three babies to love,” the video description reads. Check it below!

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