Monkey finds stray puppy – adopts him as her own and makes sure he eats first

Here’s something you definitely don’t see every day: a monkey nursing a puppy as if it was her own and protecting him from other stray dogs that are much bigger than him.
You see, the poor pup was abandoned by his own mom, but fortunately, this monkey’s maternal instincts kicked in just at the right time. The monkey ended up rescuing and adopting the pup and now acts just like a genuine mom to him. She feeds him, holds him in her arms, and makes sure the pop doesn’t get in trouble, you know, like moms usually do

Impressed by the monkey’s incredible commitment to take care of the pup, the locals started leaving out food and water for these unusual companions. That’s when people started to notice the monkey was so compassionate that she actually let the dog eat first. The caring money makes sure the pup is no longer hungry until she starts thinking about her own needs. She puts the pup first, again, typical mom behavior.

Slowly, more and more images of the two started to surface online. Looking at them, it’s clearly this unlikely pair share a very strong and special bond. As far as animal videos go, this one is definitely worth the share!

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